IEEE Islamabad Young Professionals Affinity Group

IEEE Islamabad Young Professionals Affinity Group is an International Community whose foundation was laid on January 25th, 2015 by Mr. Farrukh Jamal. It is an affinity group that provides the young up-and-coming professionals with opportunities and platforms to showcase their talents and gain a helpful insight into the professional world. Youth is this group's strong point; their innovative, energetic and ideal outlook of the world allow this society with the exclusive chance to dominate in almost all the fields available today and work particularly in the interaction between various disciplines. The society offers an unparalleled chance to gain exposure and form personal and professional ties.

IEEE is committed to helping young professionals evaluate their career goals, polish their professional image, and create the building blocks of a lifelong and diverse professional network. As part of this commitment, IEEE Islamabad Young Professionals Affinity Group works to localize the efforts to better serve professionals. The group role is to generate awareness of and to promote IEEE YP programs in the section for the identification and development of IEEE volunteer leaders and members. It is an active promoter, resource and liaison for branches and other affinity groups to the Section executive committee and other YP regional/global committees. One of the main duties of the group is to ensure continuing the link with student members once they graduate and keep professionals attached to IEEE activities and benefits.

Benefits of Membership Include:

  • IEEE technology and information
  • Online research & career resources
  • Online job search
  • Online seminars
  • Professional networking opportunities
  • Peer connection
  • Local social activities
  • Leadership opportunities


Message from the YP Chair

Bill Murray once said, “You’re supposed to have one hand up and one hand down. As you’re trying to go up, you’re trying to pull someone up at the same time.” This is exactly how I see the role of IEEE Young Professionals in the community today. Being given the honor of holding the Chair of IEEE YP Islamabad, the focus will be to create linkages between IEEE YP members and students at school and university level so that the upcoming generation is mentored by the best and can lead to entrepreneurs, innovators and industry leaders of tomorrow. To achieve this, YP members will be engaged to form a roadmap for the next three years. Furthermore, Making IEEE YP membership more rewarding will be looked at and avenues to gather funding for the projects that are aligned with the roadmap will be explored. While the upcoming challenges are daunting, I am thankful to previous Chairs who have created an ideal stepping stone with their hard work and devotion. Looking at the spirit and enthusiasm of IEEE YP members, I am certain that together, we will play our part to create a stronger community that will lead to a prosperous Pakistan. 

-Dr. Mohsin Tiwana