WIE Islamabad Section

With a passionate bunch of volunteers from all corners of the land, IEEE Women in Engineering Islamabad Section Affinity Group is striving towards empowering female engagement in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields. They try to provide a platform for all the female technological enthusiasts to collaborate and network towards advancing technology and at the same time, mentor, guide and impart knowledge to the blossoming tech enthusiasts to step into and sustain in a STEM career. Currently the WIE volunteer community comprises of 11 WIE Student Branch Affinity Groups. The projects and initiatives of the WIE Islamabad Section Affinity Group cover a wide array of aspects such as professional, academic, technical and outreach activities.



Mukhtiar Bano


Mukhtiar Bano

Chair, IEEE WIE Islamabad Section
Mehak Saeed


Mehak Saeed

General Secretary, IEEE WIE Islamabad Section

Message from the WIE Chair

It is indeed a great pleasure and honor for me to serve as Chair, IEEE WIE Islamabad Section. I have become passionate and enthusiastic about the progress and visibility of WIE Islamabad Section in IEEE. Past chairs have done a remarkable job in establishing it. I believe in working together to make a change in increasing visibility and in recognizing women engineers and scientists, and for this we need frequent communication as well as strong collaboration with other WIE Sections of Pakistan and WIE Global. It will definitely promote WIE workshops and panel discussion sessions at conferences of various technical societies. I also want to collaborate with Young Professionals and with students, as this generation has more potential than ours. Moreover, I want to build a strong partnership between academia and industry as it is becoming the need of time.

I would like to invite you all to join me on our important goals to increase membership of women engineers and scientists in IEEE, and the strength that comes from working together as a community makes me believe that we can make a change. I am looking forward to working with you all and to serving IEEE WIE Islamabad Section with full commitment and dedication.

-Ms. Mukhtiar Bano

WIE Islamabad Affinity Groups

Affinity Group's Name AG Chairperson Email
WIE Bahria University AGAiman Zulfiqaraiman.zulfiqar1@yahoo.com
WIE SEECS AGFatima Farrukhfatima.farukh.pk@ieee.org
WIE Military College of Signals AGEzza Ali Khanezzaalikhan6@gmail.com
WIE Fatima Jinnah Women University AGHafsa MehmoodHafuumahmood@gmail.com
WIE NUST CEME AGKainat Khankainatkhan892014@gmail.com
WIE FAST AGMarium Majidaariummajid67@gmail.com
WIE UET Taxila AGMahrukh Rashadmahrukh_rashad@ieee.org
WIE UET Pehawer AGPashmina Nadeem
WIE GIKI AGFooqia Khalid Awanfoqiaawan@gmail.com
WIE FAST Peshawar AGMashal Jabeen lighteningways95@gmail.com
WIE PIEAS AGUjyara Saleemujyarasaleem01@gmail.com
WIE CUST AGSamreen Ajmalsamreensamreen942@yahoo.com
WIE CASE AGMinahil Gohar minahilgohar704@gmail.com